Tenda TEI480T Enterprise-Level Router,2 WAN+3 LAN(TEN27)
- Simultaneous Dual Internet Access for Redundancy and Bandwidth Increase
- Connect upto 80 PCs
- Internet Access Management to improve employee's productivity
- Qos Bandwidth control
- Robust Attach Defense for enhanced security
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定價 HK$1,080
價錢 HK$488

Product description-
The Tenda TEI480T+ Dual WAN Broadband Router provides a comprehensive yet cost-effective networking solution for businesses that demand robust performance and rich enterprise-class features. Two WAN ports allow two Ethernet connections to the Internet at the same time, implementing double-bandwidth access and connection fail-over. Either WAN port can connect to different ISPs, Even if the ISPs use different technology to provide telecommunication service (such as DSL, Cable modem, etc.). Moreover, the DDNS and virtual server features allow network administrators to host web servers without worrying about changing IP addresses; other enterprise-class features such as remote web management, port/MAC/URL/application based access control, bandwidth control, built-in firewall and super filter feature and much more let you manage a network of up to 80 computers with more flexibility and ease than ever.


Technical Details
Brand    Tenda
Colour    Blue
Item Height    44 Millimeters
Item Width    28 Centimeters
Item Weight    2.72 Kg
Product Dimensions    18 x 28 x 4.4 cm
Item model number    TEI480T+

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